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Wagon Group Report 26th June

Dave V reports that they had a good day on Tuesday at Medstead, with quite a good turnout. Light drizzle in the morning, despite the forecast, but this did not deter them.


They were joined by Hamish, who has now finished his exams. He, Brian, John D and Richard continued derusting and vactanning the external steel work on BY S 653. Dave and Kevin continued with the wood store construction.The corrugated iron sheets were moved from under the coal wagon down to the wood store area, and while Kevin fitted the metal base plates to the remaining sleeper bases, Dave took a train ride to Alton and collected some 4x4 fence posts.


Rob continued his good work with repainting the lettering/numbering on the woodworking CCT S 1768.


Chris S continued with jobs on the cattle wagon. Portholes are now sealed on three out of four doors, and top edge similarly sealed on three doors. Remaining top strip will be done before first train next Tuesday as it is in south side of the wagon.


After lunch Chris joined Dave and Kevin, and posts were cut size and drain holes drilled through the sleeper bases on the wood store.

Malcolm felt a bit odd today as he was working on his own, with his usual partner CP and KO both being out of action due to health issues.  However, he managed to add the handrail and the other pieces to finish the platform for the steps to the CCT S 1768.
Another dry warm day, on Wednesday at Alton ... but after this week it's downhill all the way with the days getting shorter... First thing, John B and I went down to Alresford to remove the camoflage sheet and guns from the Bovingdon wagon. These we put in the guards brake area of the 1100 service train, for collection later at Alton.

Meanwhile at Alton Roger and Pete were giving the undercoated solebars and buffers of the dance hall brake van a light sand down, and John and I joined them. Subsequently we set to black top coating these areas.
Bob was busy constructing roof sections for the wood store, and Ian applied some more wood preservative to the wood store floor and 4x4 timbers.
After lunch we pottered around a bit, waiting for the paint to dry and then resecured the sheets on the dance hall.

Dillon found it good to get back down the yard at Medstead on Saturday, after what has seemed like years! However recovering with his cut hand from work they didn’t actually do anything other than look and make some assessments. It was also a good chance for Jim, John, Jose to get to have their first ever visit to the Meon siding at Alton and they were assess the dogfish (2 axle ballast hoppers) in the siding. The leading dogfish DB 992987 has all the doors operational, but Dillon would recommend a visit to Medstead for a proper check over and a good oiling. The 2nd dogfish DB 993161 has two doors completely seized, and one that is very stiff. The 3rd dogfish DB 993259, the two outer doors are very stiff, and the centre door is completely seized.


Back at Medstead they had a look at the Presflo vac pipe, which had a reported leak at the country end. There are two holes, and the pipe is quite badly corroded. They have a couple of options to repair and both will require some heat and removal of various bits to gain access. They plan to start this next Saturday................


Chris Le Corney

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