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Wagon Group Report 26th September 2017

It’s seems to have been a busy week all round, no doubt helped by the good weather …
Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday that first on the agenda was to put tarpaulins back over the “A” and “AF” containers and Fergie tractor in the Goods rake. Brian and John did the Fergie while Richard, Kevin, Rob and Dave did the containers. John also removed “Terry” the bull from the cattle wagon.
Chris S joined briefly to discuss with Dave and Keith how they are going to secure the dummy end timbers on the SW tar wagon. The bolt holes will currently be too close to the edges, but they have devised a way forward. Keith and Dave then carried on with the work plan agreed.
Keith sorted out some wood blocks to provide a stronger fixing for the gunpowder van roof supports, and Rob fitted them.
Brian completed the first green top coat on the remaining sections of the south side of the workshop PMV. Kevin, Richard, John D and Rob continued with the south side of the woodworking CCT S 1768. The side is conveniently split into sections where the vertical metal framework is, so while some sections are still having flaking paint removed others are in metallic primer or undercoat.
They were also pleased to have visits from three recent group members during the day. David Taylor was on a visit back to the area from Bristol, and Michael and Paul Dixon dropped in, as Michael had a day off work.
Chris and Malcolm completed the last two luggage doors on BY S 653. Next session on 3/10 will move on to getting the Guard's compartment sliding doors re-installed.
We had a good day on Wednesday at Alton, with lots of things achieved... some more cleaning off of the first tank wagon, this time using a scrubbing brush, which together with the jet washer was very effective.
Whilst the first tank was drying off Roger and Pete set about cleaning off the second one, and a very good job they made of it to!
John B gave the big crane DS 1580 cast iron plates a second red top coat touch up, and then did some rubbing down and touching up of undercoat on the crane itself.
Mick, Steve and I applied some torch on roofing felt to the new sheet store, and then Ian and I started to top coat the first tank wagon black. John B assisted after he had finished on the crane. By close of play some 95% of the tank was in black top coat, and looking quite smart – well certainly compared to what it looked a week ago!
Mick and Steve were busy making shelves for inside the ISO container, although I am not sure how far they progressed after the photo I took. No doubt we will find out next week.
Saturday was a slow start for Dillon. The M3 was shut which involved a lengthy detour, taking two hours instead of the usual 55 mins. He joined Johns B+D, Jamie, Jose, Kevin and Chris Rust.  
Dillon gave John D and Chris the battery for the Fergie tractor, and off they went down Bennett’s siding. The tractor was uncovered and the battery fitted, then the engine was turned over to circulate the oil, keeping everything freed off. It was then covered back over.
Kevin and John B carried on stripping back the old paint and sanding the CCT S 1768 before applying ally primer. This soon went off in the warm September sunshine.
Dillon got the gas axe out and started heating up the nuts on the buffers of the Rudd that have got to be changed/swapped, with Jamie following on with the spanner loosening them. John D and Chris returned from the tractor and were set straight on punching the split pins out of the buffer bolts.
After lunch Dillon and Jamie carried on with releasing the defective buffers on the cattle wagon. John B and Kevin started applying undercoat to the areas primed in the morning, and are doing a great job.
JD and Chris had a bonfire to get rid of the rubbish that was piling up while the wind was in the right direction. Dillon then sorted out four new buffers for the Ruud, with Jamie measuring the hole centres to make sure they would fit.
Chris Le Corney

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