Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 27th February

Brian reports a very cold wind at Medstead on Tuesday. The following braved the cold. Richard, John D, Clive,Rob, Dave V. Old Dave, Chris S and Brian.

Dave V continued the clear out in the workshop PMV, helped by old Dave. The improvement in the space being created is quite amazing, plus having tools in organised boxes. 
Later Old Dave sorted out the old T&G roof timbers from Ropley into planks that should be kept under cover and discarded those that were past using.

One of the planks in the cattle wagon S 53845 door had swollen over the winter, and Chris S was given the job of investigating further. In fact there were other planks that were going to need attention and it was agreed that he would bolt up the top most panels and they would look at these again next week.

John D and Clive continued working on the QM, the wooden pattisse was treated and the lead cover put back in place for the last time and fitted to the roof.  Meanwhile John painted the steel plate and associated fittings on the inside. 

Brake van B 953701, as reported previously was minus its door handle. Brian made a wood panel and later after completing works on the QM John and Clive assisted by finding suitable nuts bolts washers etc to reattach the handle back on the door.
Meantime Chris P and Malcolm completed the patterns for the wooden roof hoops at the country end of BY S 653. They also had a really thorough tidy to make sure we had plenty of space to do the Guard’s Compartment interior cladding. 
First thing on Wednesday John Q and I went down to Alresford and loaded a worktop for Alton in John's car, plus an electric heater. Ray B joined us, and we found a wheelbarrow (well we were looking for one and actually found 3!)  to load a heavy canvas sheet in for one of the vintage grounded carriage bodies down in the headshunt. The previous lightweight sheet had been ripped off by the wind in the winter.  The wheelbarrow loaded up was quite heavy, but Ray was the expert and seemingly propelled it along the ballast with ease! After an hour or so the sheet was secured over the carriage body, although being square it covered the sides very well, but not about 6 feet of the roof! So a bit of an extension sheet need to complete the job.
Back at Alton the worktop for our grounded van body was moved down to our base.
John B was busy on the milk tank black stripe removal, and he's an expert at this! Roger and Adrian were derusting the big crane jib, later joined by Daniel and some priming before close of play.
Mick, Bob, Adam, and John Q were cutting ply sheets to make a better floor for the grounded van body. Ian was derusting, freeing off and oiling a vice that Steve had bought down from Medstead.
By close of play the milk tank black stripe north side had effectively gone, but whatever black paint BR had used on it was, to say the least, stubborn...     
 On Saturday at Medstead after a cup of tea Jose, Jamie and Darren headed up the yard and opened up the workshop. They dropped the north side doors on the Rudd wagon and Darren started to sand down the bits behind the door, and the pillar that's in between two of the doors. 
During this time Jamie top coated some more of the brake rigging and Jose lit the two brake van stove and the bonfire heap. Always an excuse for a Jose bonfire, it appears!  Dave R did some painting on the workshop PMV and Jamie "Vactanned" the Rudd areas he had sanded down.

Chris Le Corney

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