Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 29th May

Dave V reports from a sunny Medstead on Tuesday with good progress on a number of fronts. Dave, Brian, Richard and John D busied themselves with putting the footings in place for the timber store. Sleeper sections were being sunk into the ground and fence post metal brackets being aligned and screwed down to them.


Chris S finished tacking the plastic strips along the top of the cattle wagon cupboard doors and then topcoating the second one. Bernie Dench kindly arranged movement of the cattle wagon into the middle siding with the road railer, so they could fit the south side doors that day. The door was hastily moved into the sun, and fingers were crossed that the paint would dry in time! It did, just about, and both doors were successfully reunited with the wagon.


Keith, Malcolm and Chris P made a start on constructing the new steps for the woodworking van, and at lunchtime Chris P and Malcolm accompanied Chris S home to collect a fence post he has donated for the job. They had a spot of bother finding their way back ... and eventually arrived, somewhat worn out!


Wednesday at Alton started a bit chilly, but it seemed to warm up considerably during the day. This was most noticeable when Richard and Claire kindly delivered another load of ply sheets and goodies. It took 7 of us nearly 2 hours to transport everything over the footbridge, onto platform 3, and down to our base. The ply appeared to be heavy duty, and it was certainly heavy!


Included in the goodies were a number of plastic pipes, which we subsequently painted all black... for War on the Line next month!


Mick and Steve continued works on the timber store construction, and the rest of us continued with some more derusting and priming of the solebars/buffer beams on the dance hall brake van.


Adrian kindly pointed out, just as we were clearing up, that there was a discrepancy in the wagon number I painted on the side of the LMS van a couple of weeks ago to that shown on the solebar plate. Well it was only one digit out! A little paint job for next week.


Saturday at Medstead was Josie, Jamie and Chris Rust. Jamie and Jose arrived first and following a quick cup of tea, then went up the yard where Jamie started undercoating the London end underframes of BY S 653. Jose started to clear back some of the shrubbery around the path. 


Chris then arrived, and with Jamie still undercoating they decided to prepare some of the wood under the gunpowder van for painting. They focused on the good ones, and once sanded and knotted these they decided to go on a tea break ...only to find they were out of milk. This forced them back to work quicker than expected, and they primed the timbers. By this time Jamie had finished his undercoating under the BY and they adjourned for lunch while the paint dried. They then glossed the frames of the BY, and then set to packing everything away, departing around 16:15, happy with what they had accomplished.


Chris Le Corney

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