Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 30th April

Well over the past couple of weeks we seemed to have lurched from mid April heatwave and back to early spring. Hopefully some warmer and drier weather will arrive soon! Having been away on holiday for a week, this is a bit of a precis compilation of the past couple of weeks...

At Medstead the Saturday gang have continued on the gunpowder van. The previous week's welding in new panels have been ground back and John B applied some P38 body filler to create seamless joins. These areas have been primed. Dillon and Jim have cut out panel no 6 and bolted and welded this into position. Panels 4 and 5  have been left at present, pending access to other adjacent works. Some rust areas in the floor of the van have also been cut out, prior to new steel work being obtained.


Dave R has rubbed down the buffer beam on the London end of the woodworking CCT before giving it a good coat of red oxide, and subsequently undercoat.


More tidying up have been done around the workshop PMV and woodworking CCT, and Jamie supervised the subsequent bonfire. They were joined by new member “Robin”, who seemed quite happy eating the worms and spiders that they uncovered! He came with a ready made orange high viz, but on the front only...

 Chris Le Corney

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