Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 30th January

Well it's been a cold, blustery and wet week in Hampshire, which has restricted our numbers and activities somewhat.

A typical winters day greeted the team at Medstead on Tuesday, raining and very misty, with Richard, John D, Dave V, Chris S, Keith, Brian and a little later Rob.

Dave and Chris continued with sorting out the hardware for the repaired door for the CCT, and made some progress to getting some of the items attached. Dave and Chris then went off to Ropley Carriage shed after tea break and collected some old surplus T&G roof planks from Bulleid coach S 1467 ... which will be used on BY S 653 later this year. This was kindly transported back to Medstead by the P.Way guys and down the end of the yard. This was sorted out and then covered up.
Keith made some very good progress reworking one of the benches in the woodworking CCT, at least he was in the dry all day!  

John, Richard and Brian continued with the chimney installation of the Queen Mary brake van, this time shaping the three angles which will support the actual chimney itself, this involved many visits to the workshop PMV  backwards and forwards fettling the metal until they have this a best they can for the moment. There will be more adjustment to finish. They then took the chimney down again and this time drilled two holes an inch or so from the top in preparation of fitting a rain cap. 
They left about 3 o'clock, and it was still raining...

John Q reports from a very wet and windy Alton on Wednesday. Upon arrival Mick and John Q, whose joint presence was on the basis of being able to undertake their respective tasks under cover, found the tarpaulin on LMS van M 520771 billowing like a spinnaker on an ocean going yacht. Accordingly all presumptions of working under cover were literally blown away! Odds and sods of rope were tied together to make one long enough to go over the van and back forming a V on the worst affected side. This this being a practical solution and not a comment on the workmanship of last week's sheeting crew! 
Mick then sorted the new electric incomer into the ISO container from the grounded van body, and we now have light and power in the former.
Meanwhile John Q set about opening up and constructing the window frame at the London end of the grounded van body, so when the glazing is fitted we will shortly have some natural light therein - well apart from leaving the door open that is. This is an ex GW van body, but as our "mess" room here progresses the original GW design might be tweaked somewhat.

Chris Le Corney

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