Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 3rd October

At Medstead on Tuesday Dave Vella reports good progress … Richard completed cleaning and priming another two sections on the south side of the woodworking CCT S 1768, and Brian painted the bottom ends of the diagonal rods on the SW Tar wagon No 95 red in line with the sole bar. He also put black gloss on the nuts holding the cast iron plates in place and touched up a few areas of black and silver.

Ian Johnson busied himself with a number of jobs on BY S 653.

Keith and Dave continued with the dummy end timbers for the Tar wagon top supports. The town end north block is complete and the town end south block is cut to shape and just needs the two fixing holes to be drilled. Lessons have been learned and the technique improved so the remaining two for the country end will hopefully not take too long. The dimensions on each block are different so they have to be customised for a specific position.

A good turnout at Alton on Wednesday with 9. Mick and Steve did a bit more roof securing works between the grounded van body and the ISO container, and then continued on with the shelves within the latter.

John B was doing the white lettering and numbering on the cast plates for the big crane DS 1580, and completed 4 out of the 6 plates, whilst Ray and John Q were largely top coating black on the crane itself.

This left myself, Clive (making a welcome return after Summer catering duties), Adrian, and Ian top coating the second tank wagon DB 999103. The tank itself has been completed, excepting the London end  where we ran out of black paint.


Chris Le Corney

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