Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 5th June 2017

At Medstead on Tuesday Dave V reports they made the usual steady progress. Richard sanded and primed the last two replacement planks on the south side of the workshop PMV, and then derusted the four big brackets for the country end diagonal bars on the SW Tar wagon.


Ian J continued with measuring and drawing for pipework and brackets for the underside of BY S 653 and managed to find some parts previously removed and stored in the workshop van.


Brian started to sort out a couple of electrical problems. One fluorescent tube in the workshop PMV is not working and he needed to re-route a power cable up and over the side door in the woodworking CCT.


Clive D derusted, Vactanned and undercoated the four diagonal rods off the tar wagon, whilst Keith, Chris and Dave worked on the tar wagon timbers. The two pieces that fit under the tank at the town end have been 'fettled' and bolted into place. An insert piece has been made to make the country end bulk a tight fit and the two pieces to fit under the tank at this end have been made.


Wednesday was nice and dry and warm at Alton. I did some repairs to the roof of brake van S 56506 and gave the whole roof a coat of grey paint. Steve completed some top coat to difficult to reach areas of the Alresford end veranda (under the vac cylinders), and then he and Ian rubbed down the axle boxes and lower underframe areas ...... which Steve and Mick topcoated later. John B started by doing some fine touching up of white paint work on the handrails, and then some white bits on the crane runner.


Mick cut some diagonal shaped timber bits which will be used to help secure the Fergie tractor, and Paul applied a couple of coats of preservative.


Welcome back to John Q who rubbed down the brake van veranda floors and step boards, and applied wood preservative to the former, and Ian to the latter. The brake van is now completed, barring a PAD examine/oil, and some oil on the springs.


Saturday at Medstead Dillon, Jose and Jamie were there first thing firing up Fergie and doing some adjustments, and then we had ta Wagon Group Committee meeting in the Goods shed on the up platform, which now looks very smart inside as the internal displays are starting planning and installation.


Chris Le Corney

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