Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 6th June

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday, that the more accustomed wet weather routines were back in place ... as it rained most of the day! 

Chris S, Brian and John D managed to fit the door locking bars on the cattle wagon doors, plus some touching up and completing of a few odds and ends that were needed to complete issues caused by swollen timbers.

Dave V sorted out the wood posts for the wood store and made a start on positioning and burying the bases for the front posts.

Chris and Malcolm continued on with the new steps for the wood working CCT.  After a bit of head scratching and much checking of dimensions and levels, they fitted two of the deck supports. Unfortunately, with the the persistant rain they ended up calling it a day and going home early. However, weather permitting, they should make a lot more progress next week.

The forecast for Wednesday at Alton was changeable and not looking too good, but in the end it was just cloudy all day, with no rain. Mick, Bob and Steve concentrated with the timber store erection, and we look forward to seeing the final masterpiece coming together. John Q was working inside the grounded van body, and adding his expertise to the timber store design debate. 

Adam kindly arranged for the delivery of some more timber baulks (6) from his father, and we collected them from the front of the station. This was a lot less labour intensive and time consuming than the ply sheets the week before.  

With the two completed wagons (milk tank W 2960 and LMS van M 520771) waiting a shunt, the rest of us Pete, John H, Ray, Daniel and myself spent the day derusting and priming the north side solebar and London end buffer beam of the dance hall brake van. 

The Saturday gang at Medstead were somewhat distracted from works this week, partly acting as minders on the Queen Mary brake van, and partly enjoying the activities along the line.


Chris Le Corney

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