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Wednesday Loco Blog 1st Feb 2017

Did you know on this day in 1949, RCA released the first ever single 45rpm record, remember them?

For our young reader, Master Trellis of North Wales, these were small round black discs with a hole in the middle, and when placed on a Record Deck produced music!

Anyway on with today’s musings.(‘thoughts, especially when aimless and unsystematic’ )

Both Colin and Dave the Scribe had good reason for not being with us today, so yours truly stepped in to try and keep our reader updated with the activities of the ever enthusiastic Wednesday Loco Gang.

There was a good turnout today and with a quick briefing from Andy and the White Board we set about the listed tasks.

Our smallest engine, No.1, is getting both a mechanical and cosmetic overhaul so a number of the team set about cleaning wheels and the frames, in preparation for some new paint.

Les and his small team continued with Swanage’s bogie and the portable milling machine was still taking off small amount of metal to achieve perfect alignment. Someway still to go I think?

Meanwhile, having acquired the correct 60⁰ tool from Andy in the Boiler Shop the Wadebridge Tender Team started to countersink the Spring Brackets so that the correct countersunk rivets can be used to avoid fowling the Springs when fitted. By the end of the day all 12 Brackets had been completed including taking the shear edge off of a further 36 holes on the Brackets and 36 on the Frames.

During a break in the weather Iain and I used the Forklift to bring some pallets up to the Yard so that we could fill the Wood Shed in anticipation of the Pre Spring Steam Gala, 17th – 19th February. After lunch Sam came too assisted and the shed was literally filled to the rafters. Talking of which, I walked up to the Miniature Railway to look at the progress that is being made with the roof rafters on the Container. It looks as if the planned pitched roof is not far off and other members of the Miniature Railway group have made good progress in digging the extension towards Alresford.

Other activities today included melting out worn bearings from Axle Boxes ready for re-metalling, pressing out bushes from Cheltenham’s Brake Rigging and Alex was busy building up Brake Beams with weld ready for them to go into the Machine Shop for turning to the correct size. Also in the Wheel Drop was evidence of frame repairs that have been progressing over the last few weeks

Not a bad days work, so until the next time,

Dave 2 Jags.

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