Watercress Line

Where does this bit go?

It all may be on hold at Eastleigh until we can use the overhead crane to fit the bogie and trailing truck but it has been full steam ahead in the boiler shop.

James has finished welding the new side plates onto the outside of the firebox. The boiler stay holes have been mapped out on the new door plate and inner firebox plates. These have been pilot drilled and with the help of some of the Eastleigh volunteers these are in the process of being drilled out. We even got Eoin, a student here for work experience to help us out with the drilling.

The foundation ring has been taken off the boiler and this has meant that we have been able to start constructing the inner firebox. This is being constructed on a jig in the middle of the boiler shop. Things have been progressing well, with the throat/tube plate and back plate tacked onto the foundation ring. James and Sam have been working on measuring the side and top plates for the inner firebox. Some of the top plates have been tacked in place. It is beginning to look a lot like an inner firebox rather than a collection of plates. The work that the boiler shop has been undertaking to construct Can Pac’s inner firebox is amazing. The railway is very lucky to have an amazing team to undertake such complicated work.

In the last few weeks the right-hand thermic syphon has been test fitted to the inner firebox to check that everything lines up. It was great to hear that it all lined up! We are still a way from finishing the inner firebox but with everything fitting together nicely, it is great to see what it will soon look like.

Keep an eye out for more developments on the inner firebox!

Thanks for reading, 

Becky (Project Supervisor)

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