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Screen Time

9th Nov 2020 in Can Pac Blogs, Carriage Works

Carriage workshop blog, November 2020   The carriage workshop is in production line mode at the moment, involved in a very different sort of screen time to that which has swept the nation over the last few years!   We are working flat ...

Welcome Back

23rd Oct 2020 in Can Pac Blogs, Carriage Works

Well, what can I say other than welcome back? Before we go any further, I’d like to thank on behalf of all of us, everybody who has stepped up to the plate during this crazy year, especially our heroes in ...

Bulleid Carriage 1456

3rd Apr 2020 in Carriage Works

An exciting landmark in the life of the Watercress Line happened at the turn of March, when the first part of the Canadian Pacific Project was launched into traffic in the shape of Bulleid open third carriage, No. 1456.   Built in December 1947 ...

Carriage workshop blog, March 2020

5th Mar 2020 in Can Pac Blogs, Carriage Works

What shall we do now…? Carriage workshop blog, March 2020 Well, there we have it. Passengers have travelled in Bulleid open third 1456 for the first time since the mid to late 1960s! I don’t know exactly when 1456 went out of ...

Up and down

12th Feb 2020 in Can Pac Blogs, Carriage Works

Things have been a bit up and down in the carriage workshop this month, literally! We’ve known for some time that we have a bit of remedial work to do on the bogies of Bulleid open-third 1456 before it can enter ...

An exciting year ahead!

30th Jan 2020 in Can Pac Blogs, Carriage Works

An exciting year ahead! Carriage workshop blog, January 2020 First off, a very happy new year to you all! This year is shaping up to be a very exciting one here at the Watercress Line, with our impending reopening through to Alton, a ...