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DS58 10 Ton Crane


Civil Engineers Crane.
Max Lift Capacity: 10 Tons

In July 1967 this crane was allocated to Woking PAD (pre assembly dept.), and could often be seen working from the twin bridges that spanned the junction and were a favoured trainspotting location. It would have certainly been involved in work on the Bournemouth electrification that bought about the final end of steam locomotives on the Southern Region. However contrary to popular belief, 1967 was not the end of steam entirely as many steam cranes soldiered on into the 1980’s!

They were in use both by the Civil engineers’ department, and in the Motive power department as breakdown cranes.

As built in 1955, by Taylor and Hubbard of Leicester, DS 58 was classed as a steam shunting crane, and as well as being used for lifting they were also used for marshalling PW trains in yards such as Woking. Latterly ’58 was classed as a CCE dept. heavy duty crane. It had a maximum lifting capacity of 10 Tons, this being the weight of a 60ft track panel with concrete sleepers.

DS 58 ended its career at Eastleigh PAD where it was withdrawn on the 31st December 1982 along with 3 other CCE steam cranes. DS 58, together with its sister crane DS 414 was purchased by the MHR for use relaying the Medstead to Alton section of the resurgent railway. Ironically DS 58 was originally purchased as a source of spares for 414, but turned out to be in such a good condition that it was later restored.

DS 58 & 414 were subsequently joined on the MHR by DS1580 which until 1963 was the Exmouth Junction Breakdown crane. This also survived into the 1980’s, finally being withdrawn from Old Oak Common.

DS 58 and DS 1580 are currently in full working order and regularly earn their keep around the railway.


Built at
Taylor & Hubbard of Leicester
Build year
Shed allocation
Woking Pre Assembly Dept


Max boiler pressure
120 psi
Total weight
45 Tons