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Another major milestone for the Watercress Line!

The latest carriage to be completed in the Watercress Line’s Carriage workshop at Ropley Station, has been revealed as the MK1 CK 16083 and huge congratulations go to the volunteers and staff who have made this possible through all their hard work! 

The carriage first arrived in the workshop a couple of years ago in a state of disrepair, not having been in operation for about 10 years.  Since then major refurbishment has been underway, with repairs to the bogies, metal structure, windows, paintwork, leaking roof and the interiors of the carriage. 

Many of the carriages at the Watercress Line do not have compartments but this one has three 3rd and four 1st class compartments, making for an interesting addition to the fleet.  Work on the interiors included restoring the seating, repaneling the vestibules, some rewiring work and new lino floors throughout. It has now been returned to its former glory and made its first outing for the Watercress Line’s popular Santa Specials and the Christmas Leave wartime living history event earlier in December last year.

Says Ian Harwood, a member of staff who was closely involved with the work on the carriage: ‘This will be a very special addition to the fleet here at the Watercress Line.  It is down to all the volunteers and staff who have been working tirelessly and with huge skill that this has been made possible.’

For more information about the restoration work undertaken at the Watercress Line visit here.