Watercress Line

National Volunteers’ Week 1st - 7th June

Here at the Watercress Line we Trustees pay tribute to our amazing volunteers, all of whom give generously of their time, knowledge and expertise to support the railway and enable it to thrive. We appreciate the contribution our volunteers make to the life of the MHR each and every day, not just in National Volunteers' Week. Volunteers do not get paid for what they do: that's not because they are worthless - but because they are priceless!

If you are considering becoming a volunteer at MHR, we would be delighted to hear from you, we have a variety of roles available! Please look out for and sign up to one of our Welcome Days, contact Dave Yaldren on 02380 906 211 to sign up, the Information Office on 01962 733810, or speak to one of the station staff who can signpost you to the relevant department contact. 

Thank you for your interest and your contribution!

Steve Crowther, Chair, MHRPS