Watercress Line

Step back in time with the Watercress Line

This December, step back in time and experience Christmas like they did in the 40s on a World War 2 railway at the Watercress Line’s annual ‘Christmas Leave’.

The event will take place throughout the day on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th December and will offer aficionados of the 40s the chance to take a trip down memory lane with military re-enactments, live wartime music and unlimited day travel on the Watercress Line’s steam trains. 

We are delighted to offer our visitors the chance to take part in something a little different from the norm this Boxing Day and 27th December with our annual Christmas Leave event. Guests will be able to feel festive and nostalgic with live 40s music and realistic wartime re-enactments, with the experience of Christmas on a World War 2 railway.

We hope everyone will enjoy joining in with the re-enactors, including soldiers, Winston Churchill and general public dressed in 40s fashion, giving a fantastic historical atmosphere for all the family.

To find out more, please click here. Tickets include all day travel on the railway, with the opportunity to hop on and off at all 4 stations to enjoy the entertainment on offer.