Watercress Line

Walk the Line 2017

Our Walk the Line sponsored event on November 11th this year was an outstanding success. Some 405 walkers participated, up by a third on last year.

The format was similar to previous years, but three changes were made. A decision was made to charge a £10 Sponsorship Fee for each adult walker taking part and this had to be paid before the walk started. The money raised this year was put to the CanPac project to help their efforts in raising funds for its restoration. Finally, we accepted payment by card for the first time.

As usual, the weather on the days either side of the 11th was much better but it did not rain all day. Some walkers finished the day drenched but others turned up dry and bright.

Looking at the sponsorship forms a much higher proportion of the walkers were local residents, but there were a few from places such as Chesterfield, Glossop and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

We raised a total of about £10,000 which is excellent for a single day’s effort.

As usual, we would also like to thank all our volunteers for their hard work in setting up the walk, supervising on the day and providing the necessary refreshment, safety and support. There were some delays in processing before the start. We will address this when we review the walk and promise to do better next year.

It was quite clear from the walkers arriving at the end of the walk in Alresford that they had appreciated and enjoyed the unique nature of the walk. We would like to thank them all and welcome them back next year.

Talking of which, next year’s walk will be on Saturday 10th November 2018, same time, same place.

With thanks to you all again from us.

Robin Higgs OBE

David Brace