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Watercress Line announces new Steam Illuminations event

The Watercress Line is delighted to announce an exciting, new event this winter: Steam Illuminations.

Steam Illuminations is a unique, world-first digital LED train which creates an incredible light show both on and in the steam train, consisting of thousands of fully controllable colour mixing LED lights and LED wristbands. The lights are programmed to perform a wonderful light show, consisting of different colours and flashing patterns that are a marvel to see. Everyone is given an LED wristband to wear on the train to be part of the show and can take them home after the event.

The event will start on the 14th November and run through to the 3rd January. Trains will depart from either Alresford or Alton and complete a round trip, back to the starting station.

Tickets will need to be booked in advance. For more details and to book, click here.

We are delighted to be bringing this unique event to the Watercress Line. It's a wonderful experience the whole family can enjoy together and is sure to be an event to remember!

Photo credit: AJ Goss