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Watercress Line restoration project completes Viewing Galleries refurbishment

16 September 2019

The Watercress Line is inviting visitors to experience its Main Viewing Gallery and Carriage Viewing Gallery following its refurbishment at Ropley station, Hampshire.  

The Canadian Pacific project, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, offers visitors a host of new displays about the Watercress Line’s fascinating history, its magnificent locomotives and how these and the carriages, are restored to their former glory.  

It also boasts new hands-on interactive tools which help you learn about all kinds of aspects of railway life.  For example, find out which locomotive has travelled the equivalent of the moon and back – twice!  Or find out how long it takes for a steam locomotive and a car to come to a stop when travelling 25mph, 50mph and 70mph on the Stopping Distances interactive display.  Find out about passenger experiences by opening the doors to different rooms and even touching parts of the carriages.

The investment in Ropley station’s engineering site totalled £46,000 to improve the visitor experience and provide visitors with a better understanding of the work carried out at the railway.  This has been completed as part of the Canadian Pacific project which focuses on the restoration of Merchant Navy class Canadian Pacific.

We hope that visitors enjoy the changes that we have made to the Main Viewing Gallery, Carriage Viewing Gallery and along our Restoration Route. We have worked hard to improve the visitor experience at Ropley, which is home to our engineering workshops. We are passionate about what we do here and we want visitors to be able to share in this passion. The new interpretation and hands-on interactives will get visitors engaged with everything about the railway. We could not have done this without the funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund or our great designer Abound Design and Interpretation.

For more information about the work of the Watercress Line and the Heritage Lottery-funded restoration project of the Canadian Pacific (CanPac) visit www.watercressline.co.uk/canpac