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08032 - Class 08 Shunter

Status Under Overhaul


The British Rail Class 08 is a class of diesel-electric shunting locomotive. From 1953 to 1962, 996 locomotives were produced, making it the most numerous of all British locomotive classes. As the standard general-purpose diesel shunter on BR, almost any duty requiring shunting would involve a Class 08. The class became a familiar sight at many major stations and freight yards; however, since their introduction, the nature of rail traffic in Britain has changed considerably. Freight trains are now mostly fixed rakes of wagons, and passenger trains are mostly multiple units; neither requiring the attention of a shunting locomotive. Consequently a large proportion of the class has been withdrawn from mainline use and stored, scrapped, exported, or sold to industrial or heritage railways such as ours. As of 2008 around 100 locomotives remain working on industrial sidings and on the main British network. On heritage railways they have become common, with over 60 preserved.

Service History:

13044 was built at Derby Works and delivered new on 27/03/1954 to her first shed at Norwood Junction (75C).  She transferred to Hither Green (73C) in November 1954 and then to Ashford Chart Leacon (74A) in July 1955.  May 1958 saw 13044 re-numbered to the new Diesel numbering system (D signifying a diesel loco) and became D3044.

D3044 moved to Feltham Shed (70B) on 30/07/62 where she would have rubbed shoulders with S15’s 30499 and 30506 until after the end of steam when she transferred to Selhurst (75C) in July 1968.  The move was however short lived as in September 1968 D3044 was allocated to the London Midland Region, moving to Toton shed (16A).

D3044 remained at Toton, and in May 1974 under the introduction of the TOPS numbering scheme introduced by British Rail became 08032.  With 08032 only having Vacuum brakes and the increased use of air braked stock on BR, the loco was withdrawn from BR traffic on 25/08/74, and transferred to Foster Yeoman for use at Merehead quarry where she remained until moving to the Mid Hants Railway in 2009.


Built at
Derby Works
Build year
Southern/London Midland
Route availability
Total built of class


Power output
350 hp
Prime mover
English Electric 6KT
Top speed
Total length
29' 3"
Total weight
51 Ton
Tractive effort
35000 ibf