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30828 - SR S15 Class

Status Under Overhaul


E828 was one of a class of 25 heavy freight locomotives designed for the Southern Railway by the Chief Mechanical engineer, R.E.L. Maunsell at a cost of £10,500 each. The design was based on that used by his predecessor, R.W. Urie of the L.S.W.R., This had already proved successful, but Maunsell added improvements and modifications to Urie's design, making it one of the most advanced freight engines of the period. Fifteen were out-shopped from Eastleigh, including E828 which was built in July 1927, with a further ten of the class being built in 1936.                           

The class was steadily withdrawn from service from 1962, with 30828 being withdrawn in January 1964 and dispatched to Woodham Brothers Scrapyard at Barry in June that year. E828 stayed there until March 1981 when, with the help of a grant and loan from Eastleigh Borough Council, the locomotive, complete with an eight wheeled bogie flare top tender was purchased by the Eastleigh Railway Preservation Society for £10,500 and returned to the place where she was built fifty-four years earlier to be restored.
The restoration was completed in 1994 and E828 returned to steam with a successful running in period at the East Somerset Railway and then followed a return to the main line. In 1996 and after the passing of Harry Frith, E828 was named Harry A Frith in his honour after his efforts since the engine was purchased back in 1981. The loco was moved to the Swanage Railway where she remained until the end of her boiler ticket in 2002. In 2004 E828 was moved to Ropley where the second major overhaul commenced.


Built at
Eastleigh Locomotive Works
Build year
July 1927
SR: AF: BR: 6F
R. E. L Maunsell
Total built of class


Cylinder size
20.5" x 28"
Driving wheel diameter
5' 7"
Max boiler pressure
200lb /sq in.
Total length
65' 6.75"
Tractive effort
29,857 ibf at 85% boiler pressure
Tender coal capacity
7 tons
Tender water capacity
4840 gallons
Wheel arrangament
Working order weight
137 tons 2 cwt
Valve gear